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Hamsa jewelry accessories have claimed a special place within the Jewish jewelry niche. Hamsa is a traditional Jewish amulet that is believed to draw positive energies and good luck and ward off the evil eye. Hamsa jewelry accessories are popular across the world since it brings together faith and a personal style. Hamsa jewelry often includes other traditional motifs that are believed to provide the wearer with protection against the evil eye, such the image of an eye. made from precious metals Our Hamsa jewelry accessories are all handcrafted by Israel's leading jewelry designers.
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hamsa necklace Hamsa Necklace - Bat Miriam Shema Yisrael Hamsa Pendant by Adina Plastelina Hamsa Necklace by Ester Shahaf
Oriental Hamsa Necklace by Amaro Jewelry
List Price:$99.00
Shema Israel Hamsa Necklace by Adina Plastelina good luck bracelet Hamsa Necklace with the Priestly Blessing by HaAri Jewish Jewelry Hamsa with Blessings Silver and 14K Jewish jewelry
Hamsa Pendant on Beaded Chain by Chaya Elfassi Rough Diamond Hamsa Necklace by Chaya Elfassi Rough Diamond Heart Ring by Chaya Elfassi hamsa pendant
Hamsa Jewelry Hamsa Pendant hamsa jewelry ester shahaf hamsa necklace
Hamsa Necklace
List Price:$69.00
Hamsa pendant by Ester Shahaf Star of David  bracelet Star of David  Bracelet  - Pink Star of David  bracelet
Hamsa Jewelry Ester Shahaf Hamsa Jewelry Evil Eye Hamsa pendant Blue Hamsa Pendant
Hamsa Necklace Oriental Kabbalah Inspired Hamsa Pendant hamsa pendant Flower Hamsa Jewelry
Hamsa Pendant with Star of David
List Price:$69.00
Blue Flower Hamsa Jewelry
List Price:$69.00
hamsa pendant Ben Porat Hamsa Pendant Travelers Prayer Pendant kabbalah bracelet
Colorful Hamsa Pendant with Star of David
List Price:$69.00
Ben Porat Hamsa Pendant by Golan Jewelry
List Price:$119.00
Hamsa jewelry has claimed a special place within the Jewish jewelry niche which often draws on symbols from the Jewish tradition. In traditional Judaism, the Hamsa Hand is believed to help banish evil or any negative energy and bless its owners with luck and good fortune. Not surprisingly, Hamsa is used as a decoration on many kinds of objects and in home and office spaces. Blessings for the home or business, for example, are very popular, and so are amulets, charms, key rings and even mobile phones accessories.
The Hamsa Hand motif has also entered the field of fashion, and fashion accessories and jewelry in particular. Hamsa jewelry has enjoyed a growing popularity since it brings together faith and a personal style. However, many people choose to wear Hamsa jewelry regardless of religion because they are interested in the mystical world or just because they like the way it looks.
What is the origin of the Hamsa Hand?
The Hamsa has a shape of a hand with five fingers. However, unlike the normal human hand, the shape of a Hamsa Hand is symmetrical, with thumbs on both sides. The Hamsa Hand is an ancient motif that was adopted by both Jewish and Muslim nations. As archeologist findings suggest, the origins of Hamsa can be traced to thousands of years ago and even earlier…
In Islam, an alternative name for Hamsa is the Hand of Fatima or Eye of Fatima. The Fatima refers to Fatima Zahra, the daughter of Mohammad, the prophet of Islam. Judaism has adopted the Semitic name, but it bears no connection to Islam. In Hebrew, the Hamsa Hand is also known as the hand of Miriam, the sister of Moses and Aaron from the book of Exodus. Another alternative name is the hand of God.
Hamsa jewelry often incorporates a number of different motifs that are believed to ward off evil. Based on the Kabala teachings, certain symbols are considered to bring good luck and abundance such as images of fish, birds and human eyes. In many types of Hamsa jewelry, the images of fish and eyes appear in the middle of the Hamsa Hand. Other items are inscribed with the Hebrew words from the Book of Psalms or other prayers like Tefilat Haderech, as well as Hebrew words or letters with Kabalist meaning. The combination of the Hebrew letters 'Alef-Lamed-Dalet', for examples, spells our one of God's sacred names and can be found on many Hamsa pendants.
Hamsa jewelry has become a popular Jewish gift given on birthdays, anniversaries and even Valentine's Day. A delicately designed Hamsa bracelet or Hamsa pendant says that someone has especially chosen a gift for you that fits your personal taste. Additionally, giving someone a protective good luck charm shows you care for them and their safety.
You can find many accomplished Judaica designers that specialize in Jewish jewelry and enjoy an international success. We are pleased to introduce you to several designers who live and work in Israel. Ester Shahaf is one of the leading Israeli Judaica artists. Ester Shahaf's Hamsa jewelry collection can be easily recognized by Shahaf's signature look. Shahaf's works capture the eye with their delicate designs that marry modern interpretation with the Jewish heritage and symbolism. Ester Shahaf's Judaica artworks carry both western and oriental influences.
HaAri Jewelry handcrafts a variety of Jewish jewelry, with a special attention to Kabbalah jewelry. The studio creates uniquely designed pendants that draw on Jewish symbols as the Star of David and the Hamsa Hand. Many of the pendants are inscribed with Hebrew words from sacred Jewish texts.