Hand Made Green White Ceramic Mezuzah

Hand Made Green White Ceramic Mezuzah

$25.02 - $27.20
  • Refreshing green-white ceramic Mezuzah case
  • Will beautify your home
  • Choose the size best for your parchment

Product Description

Ceramic artist Michal Ben Yosef calls this green-white Mezuzah case "Voice of Spring". It speaks of new life after winter and reminds us of everyone's right to start afresh. Affixed to your doorpost it will bring security, love and acceptance. The "shin" letter on top is a reminder that this is a holy article with hand-written Mezuzah parchment inside.

Inserts easily by unscrewing top of case. Comes with double sided tape to attach to doorpost. Choice of sizes to suit length of Mezuzah scroll.


Material: ceramic
Artist: Michal ben Yosef

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