Handmade Ceramic Matzah Plate in a choice of colors

Handmade Ceramic Matzah Plate in a choice of colors

  • Square hand made ceramic Matzah plate by Michal ben Yosef
  • Comes in a choice of colors
  • Made in Israel

Product Description

Attractive and functional, this colorful square Matzah plate will add meaningful beauty to your Seder table. Place on it a pile of matzahs and let your guests comfortably help themselves. Use it throughout the Festival to neatly hold and display your Matzahs. The design features shaded squares with the words Matzah in Hebrew in the center.
Comes in choice of five colors
Renowned Israel ceramic artist Michal Ben Yosef lovingly handcrafts a wide selection of Jewish ritual items that will enhance Shabbat, Holidays and other special occasions.


Material: ceramic
Made in Israel
Artist: Michal ben Yosef

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