Handwoven White Cotton Prayer Shawl Set - Gabrieli

Handwoven White Cotton Prayer Shawl Set - Gabrieli

$258.14 - $404.56
  • Perfect for the High Holiday season
  • Handwoven white cotton tallit set
  • Has decorative white embroidery
  • Impeccably handwoven by Gabrieli

Product Description

With this impeccably handwoven tallit, enriched with bands of delicate white embroidery, Gabrieli have captured the timeless beauty of white cotton. It is the perfect tallit choice for a groom or for wearing on Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur. Tzitzit are attached.

Your handwoven Gabrieli Tallit prayer shawl set comes with a gorgeous matching kippah and tallit bag. You will also receive a heavy duty zippered plastic tallit bag cover. Each prayer shawl is made to order. So, allow 4 weeks preparation time.

For three generations Family Gabriel has been producing in Israel exclusive handwoven tallitot. Every tallit is individually created on a loom, using the traditional weaving art. The result is a work of art known the world-over for quality workmanship and exquisite beauty.


Gabrieli Tallit Set
Hand woven cotton
Choice of two sizes:
20" X 80" or 50" x 80"

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