Hebrew Name Ring by Boaz Netanel

Hebrew Name Ring by Boaz Netanel


Product Description

If you are looking for a prestigious gift, this is for you. A Boaz Natanel hand-crafted sterling silver ring with your name engraved on it in the ancient font used in Israel thousands of years ago. Uniting past and present, alongside are images of flowers found in modern-day Israel.
Boaz Netanelís jewelry speaks of worlds that are gone, worlds that are, and worlds that will be. His hand-crafted rings combine the inspiration of the beauty of Jewish history and the beauty of Israelís pastoral countryside around his studio.


Item #: BZN-122
Width: 0.7 cm / 0.28"
Band thickness: 1 mm
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Handmade in Israel
Shipped in 5-7 days

Special Features

Enter name for your Ring
You may choose to embroider either in Hebrew or English or both, the price is per letter

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