Hamsa for Protection Jerusalem Stone Necklace

Hamsa for Protection Jerusalem Stone Necklace

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Inject a note of spirituality into your day with this three symbolled eye-catching pendant. A silver framed piece of stone, quarried in Jerusalem, is charmingly etched with a black Hamsa hand offering protection and blessing. On the palm is the beloved Star of David, symbol of strength, and below is one of the sacred names of G-d.

Option: Sterling silver or black leather chain
Presented in pretty gift box

Under the name of Jerusalem Stone, Guy Moreno has created a superb collection of Judaica jewelry, made from stone mined in Jerusalem. Each item is engraved with a meaningful symbol or text, connecting the wearer to Jewish heritage and tradition.


Item #: MRN-HPS-B39
Stone: Natural Jerusalem stone
Silversmith's work: Handmade
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Diameter: 0.6"/1.6 cm
Chain length: 17.7"/45 cm
Made in Israel

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