Brown and Green Safed Shabbat Candles

Brown and Green Safed Shabbat Candles

5.5" / 14cm length

Product Description

These candlestick’s delicate shades of brown and green speak of life, growth and the rebirth of spring. Spread your hands over the flames, close your eyes and recite the blessing and prayer. The beauty of these candles will bring the tranquility of Shabbat into your home. Each box has twelve candles – all handmade in Safed, Israel.

Technology has not taken over the manufacturing process of these exquisite Shabbat candles. The studio-workshop is located in the mystical city of Safed where, using centuries-old techniques, the candles are handmade with love and joy.


Item #: SG-05400-BGT
Size: 5.5" / 14cm length
Base Diameter: 0.69" / 1.76cm
Burning time: 3-5 hours
12 in box
Made in Israel

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