Laura Cowan Tel Aviv Sea Menorah

Laura Cowan Tel Aviv Sea Menorah

  • Tel Aviv waves Menorah by Laura Cowan
  • Shamash comes in a choice of 3 colors

Product Description

The curving lines of this contemporary style minimalistic Menorah from Laura Cowan, were inspired by the gentle sea waves of Tel Aviv where she lives and works. The smooth stainless steel base reflects the Bauhaus style of architecture prominent in Tel Aviv. On it, rest sleek moveable candle holders made of magnetized anodized aluminum.
Option: Shamash light comes in cobalt, silver or magenta.

Laura Cowan, originally from England, lives and works in Tel Aviv. She works with highly polished aluminum and stainless steel, creating stunning Judaica items of contemporary minimalistic style that make prestigious gifts.


Artist: Laura Cowan
Material: stanodized aluminum
Height including Shamash: 4"/10 cm
Length: 13"/32 cm

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