Light Blue Tzedakah Box - Benny Dabbach

Light Blue Tzedakah Box - Benny Dabbach

  • Sky-blue anodized aluminum in elegant cylinder shape
  • “Tzedakah” (charity) written in four fonts on metal band
  • Made in Israel by well-known artist Benny Dabbah

Product Description

Endear the mitzvah of charity-giving for you and your family with this impressively elegant charity box created in Jerusalem by Benny Dabbah. The exclusive looking powder blue color is highlighted with a 3D band on which laser cut letters form the word “tzedakah” – charity - in different fonts.
Benny Dabbah, fifth generation in a family of master craftsmen, presents us with exclusive anodized aluminum charity boxes blending tradition with contemporary design.


Item #: DBH-ZB-01-Lightblue
Artist: Benny Dabach
Material: Anodized Aluminum
Letters: nickel plated brass
Height: 5"/13 cm

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