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What is a Mezuzah? A Mezuzah is a parchment which we affix to our doorposts, on which a scribe has hand-written two paragraphs from the Torah. Here at Canaan-online.com you'll find large selection of unique Mezuzah case designs, all made by Israeli artists.
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Mezuzah case Agayof Aluminum Mezuzah Case by Anat Basanta mezuzah case
Shema Yisrael Jerusalem Stone Mezuzah Case
Sale Price:89.00
"Rainbow" Mezuzah Case by Caesarea Arts Mezuzah case itay mager
Cobalt and Turquoise Mezuzah by Friekmanndar Glass Mezuzah case by Itay Mager
"Rainbow" Mezuzah Case by Caesarea Arts "Rainbow" Mezuzah Case by Caesarea Arts Prussian Blue Mezuzah by Friekmanndar
Victorian Mezuzah Case
Orange/Navy Wood & Pewter Mezuzah Hamsa by Ester Shahaf Oriental Orange and Turquoise Mezuzah Case by Ester Shahaf Blue, Purple and Orange Pewter Mezuzah Case by Ester Shahaf
Pewter Mezuzah Case in Shades of Orange by Ester Shahaf Oriental Design Wood and Pewter Mezuzah by Ester Shahaf Oriental Red Wood and Pewter Mezuzah by Ester Shahaf Red and Orange Pewter Mezuzah by Ester Shahaf
Pewter and Wood Mezuzah Case in Light Blue by Ester Shahaf Bright & Colorful Oriental Mezuzah by Ester Shahaf Bright & Colorful Oriental Mezuzah by Ester Shahaf Ornate Pewter Mezuzah by Ester Shahaf
White, Silver & Gold Pewter Mezuzah by Ester Shahaf White & Teal Pewter Mezuzah by Ester Shahaf Autumn Colors Mezuzah by Ester Shahaf Peach Color Mezuzah Case by Ester Shahaf

When exiting or entering a Jewish house, one will say Jewish people kissing their fingertips and then laying them on a small rectangular box that is attached to the right doorpost at about shoulder-height. This box is a Mezuzah case and contains the Mezuzah scroll; a parchment scroll inscribed with the verses of the Shema prayer. The Mezuzah serves as a declaration and reminder of the faith, as well as being a symbol of G-d's watching over the inhabitants of the household, wherever they may be.

The custom of affixing a Mezuzah to all of the doorposts of a Jewish house (apart from bathrooms and toilets) is based in the Bible. There were times when Jewish people were fearful of putting such a prominent Jewish symbol on their doorposts but thank G-d today, in our society of religious freedom, Jewish people can lift their heads proudly and affix Mezuzahs to their doors. In fact, the Mezuzah is a symbol that Jewish people, religious or not, find themselves compelled to do. There is something truly special about knowing that G-d watches over the houses that have Mezuzahs on their doorposts.

It is considered correct to place the Mezuzah scroll inside a Mezuzah case so as to protect the parchment from the elements. The only time the scroll is seen is when people remove the Mezuzahs twice every seven years so as to check that the inscription on the parchment is still perfect. In recent years, Mezuzah cases have become a way for people add beauty to their homes. Far from a mere container, the Mezuzah case provides the opportunity for people to beautify the commandment, a concept that is looked upon positively in Judaism- we have a desire not just to carry out G-d's commandments, but to do so in the best way possible.

A Mezuzah case is a wonderful gift for new couples who are setting up their own homes, as well as those moving house. What better way to wish a couple that G-d watches over them in all their endeavors than by presenting them with a Mezuzah. In fact, we have a variety of Mezuzahs that include the Hebrew acronym Shadai, one of G-d's names that is also the initials of the words Guardian of Israel's Doors, serving as a constant reminder for the inhabitants of the house that G-d is watching over them. We also have a huge selection of Mezuzahs in a variety of colors, styles and designs so no matter who you wish to buy a Mezuzah case for, you will be sure to find the perfect match for the recipient.