Michal ben Yosef Hamsa Health Blessing in Hebrew

Michal ben Yosef Hamsa Health Blessing in Hebrew


Product Description

Here is a heartfelt prayer for health, strength and well-being. Written in circular style and decorated with pomegranates by renowned Israeli artist Michael Ben Yosef, the Hamsa design plaque is a magnificent display of style and good taste. Note the pomegranate crown at the top with cord for easy hanging.

Available in three colors.

For over twenty years, Michael Ben Yosef has been creating magnificent ceramic Judaica - cherished items in homes the world-over. Hand-made and kiln-fired, each one is a work of art that perpetuates the beauty of the land of Israel and its people.


Material: ceramic
Size: 3.9" x 4.3"/10 x 11 cm
Artist: Michal ben Yosef
Made in Israel

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