Modernini Round Floor Mat - Kakadu

Modernini Round Floor Mat - Kakadu

Diameter: 39.4" x 0.2"/100 x 0.6 cm

Product Description

Looking for a prestigious gift that is functional and beautiful. Here it is - a Kakadu circular mahogany wood circular floor mat that will bright the floor view whether it is placed in a kitchen, bathroom or any corner. In a contemporary design of lines, curves and geometrical shapes, vibrant colors blend together forming a single unit.
Kakadu's exclusive mahogany wood floor mats, beloved world-wide for their familiar motifs and bold colorful designs, will enhance any interior space. They fold easily and wash comfortably with soap and water. Moisture and stain resistant, with durable non-fade colors, they are non-slip and are strong enough to withstand constant foot traffic.


Item #: KAD-QG-mod
Size: Diameter: 39.4" x 0.2"/100 x 0.6 cm
Artist: Kakadu Designs
Material: wood
Made in Israel
Handling time: 3 weeks

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