Galilee Silk Off White Wool Tallit Set

Galilee Silk Off White Wool Tallit Set

Galilee Silk Off White Wool Tallit Set

$267.20 - $375.22
  • Stunning off white wool tallit
  • White silk embroidery on atarah and corners
  • Matching kipah and bag

Product Description

Galilee Silk artists present us with the perfect wedding day tallit. Made of off white lightweight wool, it slips easily on the shoulders and its beauty expresses all the prayers of your heart. The corners and the atarah are decorated with fine silk embroidery embellished with tasteful lace additions. Option of two lengths.

Color and design are repeated on the corners and neckband.
Tallit blessing is embroidered on the neckband (atarah).
Comes with matching kipah and tallit bag.

Galilee Silks, located in a Kibbutz, in the north of Israel, was established over 25 years ago by Shlomit Azati, a member of the Kibbutz. Her hand-painted luxury tallitot are known world-wide for their dynamic designs, flowing colors and quality fabrics.


Material: Wool, silk
Made in Israel
Manufacturer: Galilee Silk
Preparation time: 5-8 days

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