Pomegranate Floor Mat - Kakadu

Pomegranate Floor Mat - Kakadu

$195.71 - $381.41

Product Description

Rosh Hashanah, the Festival when pomegranates are eaten, is the time to bring a touch of luxury to your home with this exclusive mahogany wood floor mat from Kakadu. A ripe luscious pomegranate lies in the center of a blue background. On the sides are more pomegranates and gold stripes. Comes in three sizes.
Kakadu's exclusive range of hand-painted mahogany floor mats are as durable as they are decorative. Finished with a tough stain-resistant lacquer, the adhesive non-slip backing will comfortably withstand even heavy foot traffic. Folds easily. Wash with soap and water; the vibrant Kakadu colorful designs and motifs will never fade.


Artist: Kakadu Designs
Material: wood
Choice of three sizes
Made in Israel
Handling time: 3 weeks

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