Colorful Wide Braided Safed Havdalah Candle

Colorful Wide Braided Safed Havdalah Candle

Size: Approx 25cm / 10"

Product Description

Bring atmosphere to your Havdalah ceremony with this exquisitely plaited Havdalah candle. The colors will glow in the dark as the flames of the two wicks creates dancing shadows in the room. The candle is made from pure beeswax in the mystical city of Safed, the perfect backdrop for the intricate plaiting of this superb candle. A thoughtful gift that will always give pleasure.

Safed Candles was established to provide employment for the city’s residents. Until today, the work is done by hand, loving transforming beeswax into splendid colorful candles that are works of art and make perfect gifts that will always be appreciated and enjoyed.


Item #: SG-HMC12F-Colorful
Size: Size: Approx 25cm / 10"
Brand: Safed Candles
Type: Havdalah candle
Hand Made
Made in Israel

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