Sefardi Hamelech Megillat Esther

Sefardi Hamelech Megillat Esther

Sefardi Hamelech Megillat Esther

$1,339.50 - $2,256.00

Product Description

A prestigious gift for someone special – an authentic handwritten Megillat Esther scroll. It will be treasured and used with love and devotion year after year.

The scroll – see sample - is written in the Vellish script, the style used by those following Sefardic tradition.

It is written in the “HaMelech” style which means that it has been written so that the first word in most of the columns is “haMelech” – the King, a hidden reference to G-d.

AJudaica offers three graded levels. Each level comes in a choice of two heights.

All the levels are Mehudar, displaying fine quality appearance and script. The most superior in every way is Mehudar C. The writing is on the highest level of quality and aesthetics.

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