Silver I Love You Colorful Swarovski Necklace by Nano

Silver I Love You Colorful Swarovski Necklace by Nano


Product Description

To treasure and to cherish! She will love you even more for presenting her with this magnificent gift a sterling silver heart shaped pendant enclosing a Swarovski shining crystal. On it, in miniature nano script, is engraved "I love you" in twelve different languages. Examine closely with the magnifying glass accompanying each purchase. Choice of colors for gemstone. Comes with 18" chain.

You will receive your Nano necklace in a delightful gift box.

Nano Jewelry in Israel has utilized the Nano technology of minute particles and created a stunning collection of romantic fashion jewelry that reproduces words of love on quality metals.


Artist: Nano Jewelry
Materails: Swarovski crystal, silver, 24k gold imprint
Height: 23 mm/0.9"
Width: 18 mm/0.6"
Made in Israel

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