Shema Yisrael Star of David Rectangular Pendant Necklace- Silver

Shema Yisrael Star of David Rectangular Pendant Necklace- Silver

15 x 24 mm

Product Description

This eye-catching pendant is another offering from the Nano Jewelry line. The unique combination of beauty and meaning result in a truly splendid piece. The pendant is made from natural onyx stone, is hinged with .925 sterling silver and inscribed with a 24k gold image and writing.

The central image is that of a Star of David, a symbol that has come to represent Jewish pride and unity. In the center of the symbol is the first verse of the timeless Shema Yisrael prayer. This verse has been passed down by Jewish people from generation to generation and represents their unwavering belief in G-d. Encircling the Star of David is the rest of the first paragraph of the Shema Yisrael prayer.

The innovative nano technology process was used in order to imprint the miniature image and text on to the stone which ensures clear resolution despite the small size.

The intricate details can be viewed with a magnifying glass that is provided with the pendant.

Pendant Measures 15 x 21mm


Item #: NN-ZH-2010
Size: 15 x 24 mm
Artist: Nano Jewelry
Materials: Onyx stone, 925 Sterling Silver, 24k Gold Imprint.
Chain: 18" Sterling silver
Made In Israel.

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