Silver Plated Decorative Filigree Design Candlesticks

Silver Plated Decorative Filigree Design Candlesticks

25 cm/ 9"

  • Exquisite filigree engraved candlesticks will transform your Shabbat candle lighting
  • Choose small or tall size. Each are beautiful and will enhance your table
  • Note the small dainty decorative feet at the base giving height and dignity

Product Description

Enjoy the stunning beauty of filigree engraving the magnificent decorative art of ancient Yemen. These silver plated candlesticks, with their filigree lace design, will bring a royal feeling to your weekly Shabbat candle light ritual.
Available in choice of two heights.


Item #: PL-X2560G
Size: 25 cm/ 9"
Silver Plate
Small - 3.9"/ 10 cm
Tall - 9" / 25 cm

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