Silver Plated Pomegranate Decorated Havdalah Set

Silver Plated Pomegranate Decorated Havdalah Set

  • An elegant silver plated havdalah set
  • Kiddush cup, holders for spice and candle
  • And a decorative tray - all in filigree
  • With a dainty pomegranate image

Product Description

The Havdalah ceremony takes leave of the Shabbat and welcomes the new week. This elegant gleaming silver-plated 4-piece Havdalah set will give meaning and respect for this timeless ritual. the four items - the wine cup, candle holder, spice box and tray - are each decorated with a charming filigree design that incorporates pomegranates, traditional Jewish symbol of wealth, wisdom and blessing.


Item #: PL-X3085
Metal, Silver Plate
Cup Height: 5.8"/14.7cm
Spice Box: 7.8"/19.8cm
Candle Holder: 4.5"/11.4 cm
Tray Circumference: 8.7"/23 cm

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