Sterling Silver Shabbat Candlesticks - Smooth Classic Design

Sterling Silver Shabbat Candlesticks - Smooth Classic Design

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  • A must for any Jewish home
  • Sterling silver candlesticks
  • Makes a meaningful gift

Product Description

Let these sterling silver candlesticks welcome Shabbat to your home or present them as a meaningful engagement or wedding gift to a special young couple. With impeccable craftsmanship, the smooth curving lines echo the classic candlestick design, radiating the strength of tradition. Four charming feet support the base.

Both candlesticks carry a 925 sterling silver stamp. Allow for a variation of 2 gr. in the weight.


Item #: AJD-925CAN-6
.925 Sterling Silver
Height: 9.1 Inches (23 cm)
Base Diameter: 3.3 Inches (8.5 cm)
Top Diameter: 1.3 Inches (3.3 cm)
Cup Diameter: 0.9 Inches (2.3 cm)
Combined Weight: 134 gr.
(117 gr. each)

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