Three Pomegranates Mezuzah Case by Michal ben Yosef

Three Pomegranates Mezuzah Case by Michal ben Yosef

$25.02 - $27.20
  • Beautify your home with this hand designed ceramic pomegranate Mezuzah
  • Made in Israel by Michal ben Yosef
  • Colorful and meaningful

Product Description

Are you a lover of pomegranates Israel's favorite fruit and a major export? Keep up the connection with this charming ceramic Mezuzah case handcrafted by Michal Ben Yosef. On a gold colored background, the pomegranates and green leafy branches are shown climbing upwards. Enjoy!

Inserts easily by unscrewing top of case. Comes with double sided tape to attach to doorpost. Choice of sizes to suit length of Mezuzah scroll.


Materials: ceramic
Artist: Michal ben Yosef

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