Pure White Safed Shabbat Candles

Pure White Safed Shabbat Candles

5.5" / 14 cm (height)

Product Description

Welcome the Shabbat day with these stunning candles from the mystical city of Safed. Gazing into their warm glow will leave you inspired and uplifted. They will burn for three hours, shedding their glow of peace. On the reverse is written the blessing and candle lighting prayer.

Technology has not taken over the manufacturing process of these exquisite Shabbat candles. The studio-workshop is located in the mystical city of Safed where, using centuries-old techniques, the candles are handmade with love and joy.


Item #: SG-05400-W
Size: 5.5" / 14 cm (height)
Base Diameter: 0.69" / 1.76cm
Burning time: 3-5 hours
12 in box
Made in Israel

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