Blue Velvet Yemenite Shofar Pouch - Embroidered Gold Menorah

Blue Velvet Yemenite Shofar Pouch - Embroidered Gold Menorah

$49.95 Save $17.46 (35% off)
43.3" (for shofars 40" - 48")

  • Blue velvet Shofar Pouch for kudu Shofar
  • Long shoulder strap for easy carrying
  • Embroidered gold 7-branch Menorah

Product Description

Your long curved Yemenite Shofar is impressive. Keep it that way by protecting it in our high quality soft velvet pouch with a long shoulder strap for you to carry the Shofar from place to place or to hang it on the wall so that it is easily accessible. Energizing this dark blue velvet pouch is an elegant gold embroidered 7-branch Menorah.

Choose the pouch size appropriate for your Shofar. Remember length is the measurement of the outside curve.

Give your pouch a personal touch. Embroider on it your name in Hebrew or English.


Item #: CH-1452-Menorah-XL
Size: 43.3" (for shofars 40" - 48")
31.4" for shofars up to 39"
43.3" for shofars 40" 48"

Special Features

Name Embroidery (extra 4 days on delivery, price per letter)
You may choose to embroider either in Hebrew or English or both, the price is per letter

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