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Combining many cultural influences, Israeli jewelry has fascinated audiences by its unique and contrasting elements. Within a short period of time, Israeli jewelry has transformed from tourist gifts and souvenirs to items of art that have a place in mainstream fashion. We invite you to enjoy our exclusive Israeli jewelry collection by Israel's leading jewelry fashion designers, including Adina Plastelina, Amaro Jewelry Orna Lalo and much more.

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hamsa necklace
24K Gold Plated Feather Necklace by Adina Plastelina Turquoise Senecio Necklace by Adina Plastelina
Olive leaf  Earrings by Adina Plastelina Millefiori Afro Necklace by Adina Plastelina I Love You pendant Necklace by Amaro Flow Collection
butterfly pendant israeli jewelry Turquoise Wing Necklace by Adina Plastelina Millefiori Afro Earrings by Adina Plastelina
Peacock earrings adina plastelina Turquoise  Olive Leaf Necklace by Adina Plastelina Olive Leaf Necklace by Adina Plastelina
Houndstooth Afro Earrings by Adina Plastelina Necklace by Amaro Winter Sunset Collection Necklace by Amaro Ocean Collection
Snakeskin Afro Necklace by Adina Plastelina Turquoise Afro Earrings by Adina Plastelina
Peacock Pendant adina plastelina Peacock Feather  Gold Filled Pendant
Necklace by Amaro heart pendant amaro The Vintage Branch Earrings by Orly Zeelon
Hearts Necklace by Amaro Jewelry
Sale Price:$84.95
seahorse pendant i love you pendant Grape Silver Earrings - Turquoise Adina Plastelina The Tall Webbed Necklace by Orly Zeelon
Hummingbird Silver Pendant -Blue by Adina Plasteli Hummingbird Silver Flowers Pendant by Adina Hummingbirds Earrings
Israeli Jewelry
Since the establishment of the State of Israel 60 years ago, the reputation of Israeli Jewelry has grown continuously. Today, Israeli Jewelry is world renowned for its innovativeness, its design, its quality and the skill of the craftsmen who fabricate it. Today, Israeli Jewelry makes a statement about the wearer - look at me, I have taste, I have flair and I know quality when I see it.

For centuries,
Jewish craftsmen have been designing and producing exquisite works of art for ceremonial and religious use, both in the home and the synagogue. The skills and experience learned have combined to build a tradition of innovation that passed over to Israeli Jewelry. Designers and artists, drawing inspiration from the traditions of the past but adding their own modern ideas and interpretations, produce Israeli Jewelry that has justifiably become a byword for innovation and

Israeli Jewelry design draws on traditions reaching back into the mists of time, and combines them with modern trends and brilliant concepts that produce unique designs that captivate and entrance both the wearer and those around her. Designers of Israeli Jewelry include world renowned names but also many relatively unknown designers who have a passion, a vision and the drive to produce unique pieces of Israeli Jewelry that stand out in a crowd.

Despite technological advances, both in mass production techniques and artificial materials, the difference between mass produced jewelry using mass produced materials and hand crafted jewelry using only the finest, natural elements is immediately obvious. Israeli Jewelry has a reputation for quality craftsmanship using only the finest available raw materials.

Israeli Jewelry can also be characterized by the extraordinary high level of skill used in its production. Skilled craftsmen, drawing on tradition and innovative techniques, painstakingly fashion Israeli Jewelry with every piece being different and unique. No compromises are made as each piece of Israeli Jewelry carries with it the reputation and integrity of the designer and the craftsman.

Put all of this together, and it is easy to see why handcrafted Israeli Jewelry is in such demand across the world. In the past, Israeli Jewelry was associated with gifts purchased in Israel following a visit. Today, Israeli Jewelry is purchased for its beauty, its quality and craftsmanship and because each piece of handcrafted Israeli Jewelry is instantly recognized as a quality piece of jewelry that is the envy of all. That is why Israeli Jewelry is no longer purchased only by tourists to Israel but by discerning customers who know what they want, who demand high quality and high
standards and are not willing to compromise; by people who are not prepared to settle for second best or mass produced jewelry. That’s why Israeli Jewelry has become so sought after and so

Need we say more? If you are looking for excellent and unique designs - Israeli Jewelry! If you are looking for first rate materials and workmanship - Israeli Jewelry! If you are looking for the best - Israeli Jewelry!

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