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hamsa necklace Personalized Flora-Inspired Silver Hebrew Name Ring Star of David Necklace by HaAri Jewish Jewelry
Hamsa Necklace - Bat Miriam
Shema Yisrael Ring
Shema Yisrael Hamsa Pendant by Adina Plastelina Star of David Hebrew Name Necklace
Custom-Made Silver Hebrew Name Ring Tailor-Made Papercut-Style Silver Hebrew Name Ring Star of David Jewelry for Men with Blessings Shema Yisrael Gold & Diamond Pendant
jewish jewelry Travelers Prayer jewish jewelry
hamsa pendant Ana BeKoach Kabbalah Bracelet 72 names of GOD Kabbalah Pendant
Ana Bekoach Kabbalah Pendant by HaAri Jewelry Kabbalah Jewelry for Protection and Fulfillment Eshet Chail Kabbalah Pendant for Protection and Harmony Star of David Ring with Priestly Blessing
star of david jewelry
Shema Israel Hamsa Necklace by Adina Plastelina good luck bracelet song of songs jewish jewelry
Kabbalah Necklace Hamsa Necklace with the Priestly Blessing by HaAri Jewish Jewelry Hamsa with Blessings Silver and 14K Jewish jewelry Seven Blessings jewish jewelry
Kabbalah Pendant Kabbalah Pendant Hebrew Name Necklace - Sterling Silver
Hebrew Name Necklace - Gold Filled Shema Yisrael Star of David Necklace- Silver Star of David jewelry hamsa pendant

Jewish Jewelry

because in addition to being beautiful, it carries an element of holiness, tradition and sacredness. Religious convictions aside, Jewish men and women often choose to wear a piece of Jewish Jewelry so as to express their pride in their roots, in their nation and tradition. Another popular kind of Jewelry today is Israeli Jewelry. After two-thousand years of exile from their homeland, the Jewish nation has merited to see the miraculous return to their land in the last century. Jewish people all over the world feel a special connection to the land of Israel, the land towards which they pray three times a day and have plead with G-d to return then to for over two-thousand years.

Some popular choices of Jewish Jewelry for both men and women are;

Star of David Jewelry - although a fairly recent association has been made between this symbol and the Jewish people, this sign has rapidly come to represent Jewish pride and unity. Additionally, there is a strong connection between the Star of David and the State of Israel as the Star of David features in the Israeli flag. In fact, it would be safe to say that this symbol fits comfortably into the categories of Jewish Jewelry for both men and women, as well as Israeli Jewelry.

Shema Yisrael Jewelry - The central prayer in Judaism in which one declares his faith in G-d. The words of this timeless prayer are a popular choice for a piece of Jewish Jewelry.

Hamsa Jewelry - The Hamsa has become an accepted motif in Judaism despite its non-Jewish roots. The Hamsa is believed to protect one from the evil eye and those looking for luck and good fortune often choose this symbol.

Kabbalah Jewelry - The mystical world of Kabblah draws many seekers of spirituality. Kabbalah Jewelry will incorporate teachings from the mystical depths of Judaism to result in an intriguing piece of art.

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