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Several reasons why Kabbalah jewelry has grown significantly in popularity
Have you heard about the Kabbalah? The Kabbalah is a Jewish school of thought that explores the point of the relationship between the material and spiritual worlds.

Inspired by this worldview, Kabbalah Jewelry is designed to help us increase the positive aspects in all manners of life. According to the belief, when the Kabbalah is practiced, the tools used will intercede between both worlds. Kabbalah jewelry will use the spiritual motifs that the Kabbalah teaches with the hope of providing both blessings and protection to the person wearing it.

There are various reasons why Kabbalah jewelry accessories are worn. So, before you go out and buy a piece of Kabbalah jewelry, it would be in your best interest to learn the meaning that goes along with it.

The Popularity Of Kabbalah’s School Of Thought
The last several years has seen a rise in Kabbalah thanks to several highly recognizable celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and Madonna.  Kabbalah is not, by any means, new and, in fact, has been around for hundreds of years, both in being taught and practiced.

The meaning of the Kabbalah, spelled either Cabbala or Kabalah, is to receive. For generations, Kabbalah teachings have been passed down from one Kabbalist to another Kabbalist.

Based on the perspective of the Kabbalah, the Torah is considered an encrypted script that’s got a lot of meanings. And, it’s thought that these hidden meanings hold secrets to how things were created and exist today.

Kabbalah amulets
Both Jewish men and women have worn Kabbalah jewelry for years. They were created to meet a specific wish or need such as a woman looking for her soul mate. Even today, designers of Kabbalah jewelry create accessories with a specific purpose in mind like an amulet that promises one health, wealth, love, etc.

As you notice, many Kabbalah jewelry motifs are centered on protection against the evil eye. And, this wasn’t done on accident. The motifs often used include the Kabbalist Hebrew sequence and Hamsa hand, image of eye and fish. Each one is said to ward off the negative energies that surround a person. In Kabbalah studies, there is some discussion about the evil eye’s destructive effects. Thus, Kabbalah jewelry pays special mind to the symbols intended to protect the wearer.

There are a number of accessories for Kabbalah jewelry: simple bracelets like handmade designed pieces to valuable gems and metals. Jewelry prices can range from several dollars to hundreds of dollars.

The Internet has made it so easy for everyone to enjoy the Kabbalah tools that have been created.  These pieces can be worn on the wrist and neck, giving wearers the protection they need in life…wherever it leads them. No doubt, more people are discovering ways to make fashion statements with the Kabbalah jewelry.