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Searching for Passover gifts ? Celebrate freedom in style.

Within the Canaan-online collection you will find many unique Passover gift ideas. Find Passover Seder plates, Matzah plates, Matzah covers, and Miriam and Elijah cups in tasteful designs.
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Armenian Ceramic Passover Seder Plate Star of david Seder plate Multicolor Seder Plate by Yair Emanuel Silver Color Seder Plate by Yair Emanuel
Spring passover Seder Plate Silver Plated Passover Plate on White Crazed Wood Base Pomegranates Seder Plate by Shraga Landesman - Rainbow Caesarea Arts Glass Seder Plate
Caesarea Arts Jerusalem Stone Seder Plate with Blue Cups Fused Glass Passover Seder plate Chagall seder plate yair emanuel
Pomegranates Matzah cover Seder plate Passover Matzah Cover and Towel Set Antique Style Silver Plated Passover Seder Plate
Pewter Passover Seder Plate Silver Plated Passover Seder Plate seder plate yair emanuel Peacock Seder Plate by Yair Emanuel
Jerusalem matzah cover Pomegranates matzah cover
fishes matzah cover matzah cover yair emanuel HaKotel  matzah cover Raw silk matzah cover
Blue Fish matzah cover Pomegranates Branch matzah cover birds matzah cover yair emanuel matzah cover yair emanuel
matzah cover yair emanuel Seven Species matzah cover passover matzah cover matzah cover passover
matzah cover passover gifts matzah cover Seven Species Seder Plate by Yair Emanuel
Fused Glass Matza Plate
Seder plate Seder plate Seder plate Seder plate
Pomegranates Passover Seder Plate matzah holder Glass seder plate
Glass seder plate Glass seder plate Glass seder plate aluminum seder plate
aluminum seder plate Hardcover Passover Haggadah
Haggadah with English Translation Passover Haggadah - Softcover Pewter Passover Seder Plate Glass Passover Seder Plate - Blue
Passover Gifts
Judaica artists have made a great contribution to the wide array of originally designed Passover gifts. Passover dinner is usually held with many family members and guests who gather around the table for the festive re-telling of the story of Exodus and to celebrate the freedom of the Jewish people. On this most celebrated Jewish holiday, it has become a popular custom to exchange gifts. Passover gifts are often both decorative and practical, and that is why it has become a popular gesture to give them at holidays or as gifts for housewarmings, anniversaries and other special occasions.

Passover is considered a good occasion to purchase new kitchen wear. Most Jewish households thoroughly clean their household before Passover to keep rid of Chametz. According to the Mitzvah, everything made of bread or flower – Chametz - is removed from the house and bread is burned just before the holiday comes in. Appropriately, as Passover arrives, many Jewish people enjoy treating themselves or their families and hosts with new kitchen wear. Popular Passover gifts include decorated knives, salt and pepper shakers, plates, Kiddush cups, and more. If you are invited to a Passover dinner, these items are very appropriate and will be welcomed as a kind gesture by your hosts.

Every holiday has its own ritual objects that can be a source of great ideas for great gifts. Passover's traditional foods and ritual objects play an integral part of retelling the story of Exodus. The most popular item in Passover gifts is undoubtedly the Seder Plate. The Seder Plate stands at the center of the table. It is the “star” of the Passover ritual meal. Seder Plate can be made of a wide range of assorted materials. Passover Seder plate includes six designated spots for the six ceremonial foods placed in them.
We eat the six dishes during the Seder while reading the Hagaddah that explains the significance of each food. Each dish represents the sufferings of the Hebrew slaves in ancient Egypt.

Besides these six dishes, the seventh ceremonial food is the matzos. Matzah is a special kind of flat bread eaten during the eight days of Passover. The matzos can be placed in a special tray known as Matzah plate. In similar to Judaica designs of Seder Plate, Matzah plates are often decorated with traditional Jewish motifs as the seven species, and inscribed with Hebrew words. It is also very common to find Seder Plates and Matzah plates in matching designs.

If you are looking for an original Passover gift, we’ve got some ideas! Matzah covers, for example, come in unique designs and can add color to the table. According to the Passover tradition, Matzah is broken into two pieces. One piece is hidden as part of a game played with the children. The broken Matzah, the Afikoman, keeps children engaged and interested in the Seder as they come to expect their “reward” for finding the Afikoman. Judaica artists have created a wide variety of delightful Afikoman covers to fit the fun and humorous nature of this special custom.

Staying in tune with the current styles and emerging trends, Judaica artists have brought innovative concepts and designs into the Passover gifts collections. With the influence of the feminist movement, a new item has been introduced to the Passover table - Miriam's Cup. This special cup is placed beside the Cup of Elijah to draw our attention tot the significance of women in the story of Exodus. Filling this cup with water signifies Miriam's Well which miraculously turned into an endless source of water for the Israelites in the Sinai desert.