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If you're looking for a unique Passover Seder plate, this is the right place! Our collection includes extraordinary Seder plates, all handmade by Israeli Judaica artists. Each Seder Plate includes six designated spots for the traditional foods to be placed within them. The Seder plate is often decorated with prominent Jewish motifs such as the seven species. Browse through our wide selection of original Seder plates and choose the one that is right for you!
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Armenian Ceramic Passover Seder Plate Star of david Seder plate Multicolor Seder Plate by Yair Emanuel
Seder Plate with Star of David
List Price:$139.00
Silver Color Seder Plate by Yair Emanuel Spring passover Seder Plate Silver Plated Passover Plate on White Crazed Wood Base
Pomegranates Seder Plate by Shraga Landesman - Rainbow Caesarea Arts Glass Seder Plate Caesarea Arts Jerusalem Stone Seder Plate with Blue Cups
Fused Glass Passover Seder plate Chagall seder plate yair emanuel Seder plate
Antique Style Silver Plated Passover Seder Plate Pewter Passover Seder Plate Silver Plated Passover Seder Plate
Pewter Passover Seder Plate
List Price:$39.00
seder plate yair emanuel Peacock Seder Plate by Yair Emanuel Seven Species Seder Plate by Yair Emanuel
Seder plate Seder plate Seder plate
Seder plate Pomegranates Passover Seder Plate
Glass seder plate Glass seder plate Glass seder plate
Glass seder plate aluminum seder plate aluminum seder plate
Seder Plate - The Star of Passover Ritual Meal
Passover Seder plate is placed at the center of the table during Passover festive dinner. In recent years we can see more and Passover Seder plates in assorted materials and styles. The Seder plate is often given as a gift on holidays and other Jewish occasions.

In this article we shall explain the role of the Seder plate in Passover dinner and explore its growing popularity in the field of Judaica art.

Celebrating Passover, The Holiday of Freedom
On Passover, Jewish people around the world celebrate the liberation of the Israelites from enslavement in Egypt thousands of years ago. The story of Exodus is told in the Bible and in the Haggadah.

During the Seder, Passover's ritual meal, the family and guests gather around the table to read the Haggadah and celebrate ancient miracles. The Haggadah tells of the suffering of the Hebrews in Egypt by the hands of Pharaoh . The Hagaddah also tells the great miracles that God performed that led to the grand escape of the Hebrews from Egypt to the land of Israel,

Passover, or Pesach in Hebrew, is a Jewish holiday celebrated on the 15th day of the month Nisan. According to the custom, during the eight says of the Passover holiday it is a mitzvah to abstain from bread or any kind of food made of flour. Instead Jews eat Matzah (Matzo), which is a special kind of flat bread.

Seder plate - A Main Ritual Object in Passover
Like all Jewish holiday Passover has its own ritual objects. The most prominent item is the Passover Seder Place. If you ever participated in Passover dinner then you might have notices that Passover's traditional foods and play an integral part of retelling the story of Exodus.

The Seder Plate stands at the center of the table. The Passover Seder plate includes five or six designated spots for the six ceremonial foods placed in them. The main purpose of the rituals surrounding the Seder meal is to relive the experience of the Israelites during these historic events.

The Traditional Foods that are Placed in the Seder Plate
Each dish symbolizes the sufferings of the Israelites in Egypt. The six traditional foods are:

Maror and Chazeret- these are bitter herbs that symbolize the harsh lives of the enslaved Hebrews in Egypt.
Charoset - a sweet brown mixture that resembles the clay used by the Israelites during construction work for the Egyptians.
Zroa – usually a chicken wing is eaten during the Seder as a reminder of the sacrifice that was offered to God in the sacred Temple in Jerusalem.
A Roasted egg – There are many theories for what the egg stands for. In the Jewish tradition, eating a roasted egg is a sign of mourning and grief. The roasted egg is eaten as a reminder of the destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem.
Karpas – a vegetable, usually parsley, dipped in salt water- a metaphor to the bitter tears of the enslaved Hebrews in Egypt.

Passover Seder Plate Makes a Unique Judaica Gift
Judaica artists have made a significant contribution to the wide array of originally designed Passover Seder plates. Passover Seder Plates are often both decorative and practical, and that is why it has become a popular gesture to give them at Jewish holidays or as gifts for housewarmings, Jewish weddings and other special occasions.

The Seder plate is often beautifully decorated with prominent Jewish motifs and inscribed with Hebrew words, such as Pesach and the names of the six dishes..

As you can see for yourselves, contemporary Judaica artists have turned the Seder plates into true works of art. Not only practical , Passover Seder plate adds festivity to this special holiday in keeping with the principle of hiddur mitzvah. Indeed, Judaica designers use their imagination and creativity to make sure that the Seder Plate is the most impressive item at the Passover dinner table.

Seder plate in the kabbalah