Pocket Chanukah Menorah with Sliding Top, Gray and Silver - Adi Sidler

Pocket Chanukah Menorah with Sliding Top, Gray and Silver - Adi Sidler

  • Two tone, gray and silver, pocket Menorah crafted by Adi Sidler
  • At the front is laser engraved "for the miracles and wonders"
  • The top slides each night revealing indentations for candles
  • A great gift for anyone who appreciates clean minimalist art

Product Description

Entertain the family this year with a compact pocket Menorah. A reminder of the Hanukkah story are the words laser printed at the front in Hebrew – "for the miracles and wonders!" The top slides back to reveal the candle-holders. Each evening, display just the number of candles to be lit. Comes in a charming gift box.

In the Additional Items below you will find more Hanukkah items: glass oil inserts, floating wicks, Hanukkah candles and a laminated pamphlet for enhancing your candle-lighting ritual with the Menorah blessings, Haneirot Halalu and Mo’az Tzur songs, printed boldly in English and Hebrew.


Item #: ADI-099-GRY
Artist: Sidler Adi Judaica
Anodized aluminum
Height: 1.2" / 3.0 cm.
Length: 7.1" / 18 cm.
Depth: 0.63" / 1.6 cm.

Additional Items

Dripless Colorful Hanukkah Candles
Standard Hanukkah Candles
Floating Wicks
Glass Oil Inserts - Nine pc Set
Hebrew-English Chanukah Menorah Blessing Booklet
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