Spiral Coil Hanukkah Dreidel |Brushed Aluminum, Turquoise - Adi Sidler

Spiral Coil Hanukkah Dreidel |Brushed Aluminum, Turquoise - Adi Sidler

  • For those who want a modern style dreidel
  • Choose Adi Sidler's minimalist design
  • Spiral coil in the center of the disc
  • Around are the traditional Hebrew letters

Product Description

Join old and new at your Chanukah party by playing the ancient dreidel game with this new contemporary brushed aluminum version from popular Israeli artist, Adi Sidler. It features a charming spiral coil in the center, surround by the traditional dreidel letters - nun, gimmel, hay and pay - acronym for "A great miracle happened here".


Item #: ADI-043-TUR
Artist: Adi Sidler Judaica
Made in Israel
Anodized aluminum
Height incl. base: 2 / 5 cm
Diameter: 2 / 5 cm

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