Agayof Doughnut Travel Menorah

Agayof Doughnut Travel Menorah

  • Trendy Chanukah Menorah by Agayof
  • Available in a choice of colors
  • Packs away in a velvet pouch for travel

Product Description

Have lots of fun with Agayof’s colorful doughnut Menorah. Arrange and rearrange the cylindrical pieces in countless sequences of shape and color. When not in use, stack them up in an attractive column shape. Great for use at home or during travel, this Menorah will be a sure favorite with the children.
Color options: black and gold, color assortment in dark or in light shades.
Can be used for Shabbat lights too.
Comes in a velvet pouch for easy storage, travel or gift presentation.

In his Jerusalem studio workshop, artist Avner Agayof supervises every detail of the production of his stunning Judaica designs. Every item is truly "Made in Israel."


Type: Travelling Menorah
Brand: Agayof
Length: 12" / 30 cm
Height: 3" / 7.6 cm
Materials: Anodized aluminium
Made in Israel

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