Shiny Havdalah Set with Bubbles - Agayof

Shiny Havdalah Set with Bubbles - Agayof

  • Fun Havdalah Set by contemporary artist Agayof
  • Shiny metallic aluminum with colorful bubbles
  • Enjoy it each time you make Havdalah

Product Description

Avner Agayof injects his Havdallah set with a touch of fun. Only one of the six bubbly balls resting on a silver color raised tray, etched with words from the Havdallah recitation, contains the traditional spices passed around for smelling during the ceremony. Guess which one is the aromatic ball! Comes with a shining wine cup and candleholder.
Jerusalem artist, Avner Agayof, presents us with a selection of exclusive Havdallah sets that bring a colorful contemporary touch to the traditional Havdallah ceremony.


Item #: AGY-Havdallah-021
Type: Havdallah set
Materials: anodized aluminium
Size: 12.5 x 15 cm/5" x 6"
Made in Jerusalem
Artist: Agayof

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