Bounty, Blessing and Success Ring - Ha'Ari

Bounty, Blessing and Success Ring - Ha'Ari

  • Adorable hand crafted sterling silver and 9k gold ring
  • Contains Kabbalah verses to drive away negative energies
  • Makes for a beautiful gift.

Product Description

Engraving and molding the ring at the right time of the day, according to Kabbalistic guideline, Ha’Ari present us with elegant prosperity ring. Made of sterling silver, it is engraved with three Hebrew words of blessing – bounty, blessing and success – together with some of the sacred 72 names of G-d that specifically drive away negative energies. At the top a 9K gold button adds an attractive fashionable touch.


Item #: HAR-RV002
Type: Kabbalah charm
Materials: 9k gold, sterling silver,
Artist: HaAri Jewelry
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Made in Israel

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