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Rings today are a stylish accessory adding interest and a finishing touch to a day or evening outfit. They also symbolize a life-long commitment, forever associated with the fairytale magic of enchanting love and beauty. A Kabbalah ring does all that and more. Decorated with mystical charms, texts or motifs, it brings protection from negative forces and releases hidden potential for blessing and bounty.

Canaan-online brings you a collection of exclusive rings designed by Ha’ari, a world-recognized expert in the field of Kabalah jewelry. These rings were all designed and produced on Kabbalah-prescribed days and specific times in order to ensure maximum protection and blessing. A Ha’ari ring is more than a beautiful piece of jewelry that will bring you lots of compliments. It brings energy to body and soul, to resonate with your life and special concerns.


Ha’ari rings use precious metals - sterling silver, 9k gold and authentic precious stones. You will find in the collection a simple band of love engraved with the eternal “ani le’dodi” or “ben porat Yossef” words. Other rings are decorated with gleaming colorful stones that possess special powers for specific blessings. There are engraved words of prayer and mystical letter combinations of the 72 Names of G-d. Kabalah prayers, Bible verses, the High Priest’s Breastplate and of course the Hamsa are the designs on many other rings.

One of our most popular Kabbalah rings is the Ha’ari Spinner. Breathtaking creativity is expressed in the stunning designs - rotating bands on which are engraved the Seven Wedding Blessings, recited during the marriage ceremony. This ring is an eternal symbol of love and unity within individual expression.


A Ha’ari ring communicates faith, prayer and spiritual strength. It will forever be cherished for its striking beauty and deep spiritual value.

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