Choice of Center Stone Kabbalah Ring - Ha'Ari

Choice of Center Stone Kabbalah Ring - Ha'Ari

  • Choose from gorgeous center gemstones
  • Silver ring representing bounty and success
  • Promotes protection against the evil eye


Product Description

This elegant sterling silver ring is engraved with the Hebrew words for bounty, blessing and success together with some of the sacred names of G-d that are reputed to shield from the Evil Eye. In the center, in a gold setting, is an authentic semi-precious stone. Take your choice. Each one is stunning in its gleam and sheen: green-blue turquoise, luminous opal, ruby-red garnet or jet-black onyx.

Preparation time: 10-14 days


Item #: HAR-RV003
Type: Kabbalah charm
Materials: 9k gold, sterling silver, stone
Artist: HaAri Jewelry
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