Colorful Stones Choshen Ring

Colorful Stones Choshen Ring

  • 9k gold ring with colorful stones
  • Meaningful design symbolizing the Twelve Tribes Breastplate or Choshen
  • Made by Ha'Ari Kabbalah jewelry

Product Description

Designed by HaAri Jewelry, this beautiful ring is set with twelve stone representing the twelve tribes of Israel. The stones are authentic Hoshen stones. The Hoshen stones were first worn by the High Priests of the Israelites, the Kohens, in the Tabernacle in the Sinai desert.. A perfect gift for a Cohen or anyone who is interested or inspired by spirituality and art. Following, the twelve stones and the qualities that Kabbalah attributes spiritual and physical aspects: Ruby - (Tribe of Reuven): Contributes to smooth birth, helps to prevent miscarriage, and has calming effects. Topaz - (Tribe of Shimon): Good for relaxation, self-control and cools the body. Emerald - (Tribe of Levi): Enhances Intelligence, understanding and learning abilities. Turquoise -(Tribe of Judah): Drives away enemies and banishes worry. Sapphire - (Tribe of Yisachar): Improves vision and relieves pain. Diamond - (Tribe of Zevulun): Provides longevity, and helps in earning a livelihood. Opal - (Tribe of Dan): Strengthens the heart and brings joy and success Agate - (Tribe of Naftali): Brings inner peace, wisdom, happiness and respect, and wards off the negative energies Amethyst (Tribe of Gad): brings courage in times of War Aquamarine (Tribe of Asher): good for the digestive system, courage and success in business. Onyx (Tribe of Joseph): Restores memory, improves sight and enables one to speak wisely. Jasper (Tribe of Benjamin): helps to stop hemorrhages and moderate lust.


Item #: HAR-BRV111
Type: Kabbalah ring
Materials: 9k gold, gemstones
Artist: HaAri Jewelry
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