Menorah by Dabbah - Black, Red and Gray

Menorah by Dabbah - Black, Red and Gray

  • Vibrant black, red and gray anodized aluminum
  • Letters of Haneirot Halalu etched into Menorah arcs
  • For use with candles only holders detachable for easy washing

Product Description

A must-have Menorah! Three exciting arcs of gleaming black, red and gray anodized aluminum support eight candleholders and a central shamash light. A long stem makes this even more impressive. A stunning detail - letters from the Chanukah Ha'neirot Ha'lalu prayer are etched on the arcs.
For use with candles only. Candle holders are detachable.
Allow for slight color variations.
Living in Israel, Benny Dabbah, fifth generation silversmith, has turned his talents to metal design, creating magnificent Judaica item from gleaming aluminum.


Item #: DBH-HM-08-2
Artist: Benny Dabach
Material: Anodized Aluminum
Height: 12"/30 cm
Width: 11"/27 cm

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