Crystal Decorated Magic Dreidel

Crystal Decorated Magic Dreidel

Crystal Decorated Magic Dreidel

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  • Add fun to your Chanukah lighting with this decorative no-fall crystal dreidel
  • It balances, swaying back and forth, on the base and remains upright
  • On each side in laser etched in silver the traditional four letters of the dreidel
  • Everyone will enjoy it and after Chanukah it is a year-round display

Product Description

This no-fall dreidel makes the perfect party gift to be enjoyed by young and old. The sizeable crystal dreidel rests on its lead crystal base even as you gently tap or move it. Each side of the dreidel is laser etched in silver with the traditional letters.

Comes gift packaged.


Item #: PL-X3136
Crystal glass
Total Height incl. stand
3.3 / 8.5 cm
Width of each side
1.5 / 4 cm

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