Egyptian Style Necklace - Edita

Egyptian Style Necklace - Edita

Egyptian Style Necklace - Edita


Product Description

Treat yourself to a necklace with an Oriental flavor. Edita, Israel’s leading jewelry artist, invites you to feel royal and splendid with her Egyptian Glory neck piece featuring exotic gold plated beads, glass, crystals and ceramic beads. The decorative toggle fastener is also gold plated.
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Edita's multi-cultural background – Peru, USA and Israel – inspired her creation of elegant and timeless jewelry. Energized by the rolling hills of Judea where she lives, she presents a unique collection of beautiful but affordable jewelry using a rich variety of decorative semi-precious stones.


Item #: EDT-55-0170-0006-N-6
Materials: gold plated metal, crystals
Length: 17"/43 cm
Artist: Edita
Made in Israel

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