Bracelet/Choker in Desert Shades - Edita

Bracelet/Choker in Desert Shades - Edita


Product Description

Inspired by Israelís desert region not too far from her home, Edita has created this eye-catching bracelet, capturing the desertís awe inspiring colors. A fantastic collection of shells, glass beads, ceramic and gold plated beads are joined together forming a one size fits all bracelet that can also be worn as a choker.

Matching earrings are available to compliment this bracelet.

Whether you are looking for a classic, contemporary, exotic or elegant style, you will find it in the Edita Collection. Using a wide variety of semi-precious stones, pearls and crystals, this well-known Israeli artist, creates affordable jewelry that displays a unique richness of color and culture.


Item #: EDT-55-0104-0054-B-54
Materials: gold plated metal, glass beads, crystals
Length: one size
Artist: Edita
Made in Israel

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