Ana B'Koach Bracelet- Black

Ana B'Koach Bracelet- Black

Ana B'Koach Bracelet- Black

0.3" X 2.8" (Silver decoration)

  • Hand crafted Unisex bracelet
  • Silver and 9 karat gold


Product Description

This striking bracelet was created in the Golan Studio, a unique Israeli studio that is renowned for it's Yemenite-style jewelery.

The hand-crafted bracelet was designed using top-quality materials with braided leather, .925 Sterling Silver and 9 Karat Gold. The Sterling Silver elements are delicately decorated and the central gold piece is inscribed with a Hebrew phrase from the mystical prayer of "Ana B'Koach" that is traditionally sung on Friday nights in Synagogue. The prayer is made up of 42 letters that make up a mystical, forty-two-letter name of G-d.

This one-of-a-kind bracelet is a lovely way to ensure that G-d is with the wearer, wherever he may be.


Item #: GS-7741
Size: 0.3" X 2.8" (Silver decoration)
Artist: Golan Studio
Made in Israel
Materials: Sterling Silver, Leather

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