Heavenly Protection Silver Bracelet

Heavenly Protection Silver Bracelet

Heavenly Protection Silver Bracelet

Center plate: 0.4" X 1.4"

  • Handcrafted Unisex Silver Jewish Bracelet
  • Center hamsa with prayer for protection

Product Description

This attractive .925 Sterling Silver bracelet was created in the Golan Studio- an Israeli jewelry studio that has been successfully producing articles of jewelry with a Yemenite influence for over seventy years.

The bracelet has a braided-effect strap and displays a main panel that is inscribed with two Hebrew phrases on either side of a miniature 9 karat gold Hamsa Hand. The two phrases are "Ben Porat Yosef, Ben Porat Alei Ayin" which translates to mean "Son of a fruitful tree Joseph, Son of a fruitful tree, standing on a fountain" and "Ki Malachav Yetzave Lach, Lishmorcha B'Chol D'rachecha" meaning "He will give His angels charge over you, to guard you in all your ways".

The first phrase is a popular blessing used to protect people from harm as it is the blessing given by Jacob to Joseph before he died and Joseph is one who was unharmed by other's envy. it is also an ancient blessing for fertility. The second blessing is from the book of Tehillim/Psalms and talks of G-d sending angels to protect human-beings on their worldly travels. The Hamsa Hand is an ancient symbol that is renowned for warding off the evil eye.

This bracelet is not only beautiful, it is also laden with deeply meaningful symbols that will protect the wearer wherever he may be.


Item #: GS-0047
Size: Center plate: 0.4" X 1.4"
Artist: Golan Studio
Materials: Sterling Silver
Hamsa in 14k gold
Made in Israel

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