Kabbalah Rose Ring - Song of Songs by Ha'Ari

Kabbalah Rose Ring - Song of Songs by Ha'Ari

  • Rose ring with verse from Song of Songs
  • Beautiful gift for your loved one
  • Stunning design with red ruby center

Product Description

Present that very special person in your life with a Ha’Ari ring. It is a gift of love that declares more than a thousand words of love. In the center of this 9K gold ring is a magnificent gold rose with a golden leaf and red ruby in the center. Engraved around the ring are the immortal words of King Solomon from the Song of Songs, “As a rose amongst the thorns, so is my beloved amongst the daughters!”

Preparation time: 10-14 days


Item #: HAR-RV056
Type: Kabbalah charm
Materials: 9k gold, ruby
Artist: HaAri Jewelry
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