Odor Neutralizer Spray for Shofar

Odor Neutralizer Spray for Shofar

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  • Original Shofar Odor Neutralizer Spray by Peer Hastam®
  • Environmentally-friendly Shofar Odor Neutralizer, All Natural, Non-toxic
  • Biodegradable, Safe for People, Pets, and the Planet
  • Doesn't mask shofar odor, it eliminates it.

Product Description

All aJudaica Shofars are thoroughly cleaned before shipment but sometimes there are traces of animal keratin. A quick spray from our exclusive odor neutralizer spray, made especially for Shofars, and any unpleasant smells will be eliminated, giving you a full Shofar blowing experience.
Our Shofar Odor Neutralizer is natural, non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly.


Item #: SH-2
Brand: Peer Hastam
Size: 60ml / 2 fl oz.
Spray Bottle

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