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There is an old Hebrew saying that the final touch is what is most important. It is what completes the gift, whether it is for yourself or a dear one. So, if you have purchased a new Shofar, add to this the accessories that will give your Shofar long life and endless pleasure.


The elegant curves of the Yemenite Shofar will make a stunning and inspiring display in your home or place of work when it stands in one of our clear lucite stands. When your Shofar is not in use, lay it lovingly in the stand. It will give protection and show off the Shofar to maximum advantage.


Add to your Shofar purchase one of our velvet pouches. Made by Yair Emanuel, they come with tasteful designs of Jerusalem images or Biblical verses. A full-length zipper will enable you to place the Shofar with ease in the bag. You can choose one with a pocket for your prayer book. Others have a convenient shoulder strap, allowing you to comfortably carry it from place to place. If you do not wish to display your Shofar during the year, the pouch is an excellent storage bag.


If you wish to personalize this with a name embroidery, just specify the details with your purchase.


Each Shofar is thoroughly examined for unpleasant odor before leaving our warehouse. However, since a Shofar is a natural product, smells can still penetrate. Keep handy our special spray and the problem will be solved.


The Shofar is a ritual item. Its sound represents the soul of the Jewish nation – a clarion call for repentance, renewal and a strengthening of commitment. Add accessories and enjoy your Shofar for a lifetime and beyond, giving long-time spiritual pleasure and uplift.

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