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The Shofar, referring to a ram’s horn, is mentioned 72 times in the Bible. It is used mainly for ritual blowing in the Synagogue service on the solemn days of Rosh Hashonah. Its curved shape symbolizes a contrite heart, a reminder to evaluate spiritual goals and re-assess our relationship with G-d.


We carry a huge array of Shofars. Each one is handpicked by our experts and is checked again for the quality of its looks and sound before shipment.

The size of our rams’ horns ranges from ten to twenty-three inches - small, medium or large. Each one is unblemished and without decoration. All are kosher for ritual use and carry the appropriate rabbinical certificates. You will find in our selection, light or dark-colored ram’s horns, either polished to a beautiful sheen or untouched, revealing the horn’s magnificent shades of color.

A variation on the classic rams’ horn shape is our majestic crown cut Moroccan style shofars. These have a flatter shape. Their distinctive crown cut base and the ring at the mouthpiece have given it its royal title.

For children who want to own their own shofar and practice blowing on it at home, we offer a low-cost small shofar. This makes a wonderful gift for any child.

If you are looking to present a meaningful gift, we recommend our Shofar Set Gift Box. You can choose a natural or polished finish ram’s horn. It will be attractively packed with a shofar spray, pouch, and Shofar Guide. Send us your personal message and we will send the Gift Box to any address.


To enhance the care and beauty of your Shofar, we recommend a stand for it to be elegantly displayed or a decorative bag. Another essential item is our Odor Neutralizer. Although we make every effort to ensure that you receive a smell-free Shofar, a whiff can return from time to time.

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