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In ancient Yemen, the Jews did not have access to the traditional ram’s horn. Instead, they used the long spiraled horn of the kudu antelope found in South or East Africa. Today, although most Jews have moved from Yemen, their traditional Shofar has retained its name and it has become popular for all Jews everywhere.


The Yemenite horn’s dramatic appearance makes it a first choice for many Shofar collectors. Note – these shofars can be heavy. You may need assistance, or a special stand, to hold a long Yemenite Shofar when you want to begin blowing.

A Yemenite Shofar ranges in size from 21” to an impressive jumbo length that can be more than 44”. Remember - all our Shofars are measured around the outer curve not point to point.


There are three options for the finish of the Shofar – a polished sheen, a natural untouched finish, or a combination – half polished and on the other side are the horn’s natural hues and shades. There is a choice of dark or light color. The polish does not affect the quality of the sound. It is entirely a matter of preference and taste.


The Yemenite Shofar produces a deep melodious sound which is beloved by those who are blowing the Shofar for its musical notes rather than ritual purpose. Just like the ram’s horn, it needs intensive practice to master the technique of effortless blowing. But the results are well worth the efforts.


Every Shofar is carefully checked for sound and quality before leaving our warehouse. The curved Yemenite Shofars are always packed with special care. If you require information or have any concerns, please do not hesitate to call. We will be delighted to give you the benefit of our experience in the field.

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