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Showing 1-32 out of 95 items

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Looking for an impressive Jewish gift that will inspire, uplift and impress? Our decorative Shofars will do all that and more. Hand-painted or adorned with silver plate and engraved designs, any of the shofars in our collection is suitable for a presentation to someone special. Each one is a feast for the eyes and will make a most impressive display in your home or place of work.


Scroll through the collection and choose the artist, symbols or design that gives you personal inspiration or impress you with their aesthetic appeal.

Artists Eretz Husyt and Irina Rabinovich share with us their glorious hand painted horns. In rich luscious colors, they present us with themes that are intensely Jewish – the blessed pomegranate, the beauty of Jerusalem, the Lion of Judah and others.

Enjoy our gleaming silver plated Shofars display electroplated silver bands on which are engraved stunningly beautiful Jewish symbols and text. They will add a note of majesty to the entrance hall of a school, Synagogue or any place of public gathering.


We have included in this category a selection of Anointing Horns, stunningly decorated with Stars of David, Menorahs, and fish – traditional Jewish symbols of blessing and protection. The horns have a closed end and are capped on top.


Although our decorative Shofars look absolutely stunning, they are not eligible for ritual use in the Synagogue. However, we make sure that each one produces a melodious note. Every Shofar is rigorously checked for sound and beauty before it leaves our warehouse.

So, if you are looking to show someone appreciation or if you wish to honor your Rabbi, teacher, father or grandfather – now is the time to present a decorative Shofar. It will give year-round pleasure and will surely become a family heirloom.

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