Silver Kabbalah Ring against the evil eye - Ha'Ari

Silver Kabbalah Ring against the evil eye - Ha'Ari

  • Sterling silver Ben Porat Yosef to ward off the evil eye
  • Kabbalah letter combination for protection
  • Made in Israel by Ha'Ari

Product Description

Drive away all those negative influences with this elegant sterling silver ring engraved with Jacob’s prophetic blessing to his son Joseph, “Ben Porat Yosef” – words that throughout the ages are reputed to drive away the evil eye. Alongside is engraved one of the 72 Names of G-d – the special name that specifically provides protection, shielding from harmful energies and bad dreams.

Preparation time: 10-14 days


Item #: HAR-RV001
Type: Kabbalah charm
Materials: sterling silver
Artist: HaAri Jewelry
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Made in Israel

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